Founded in 2006 by bandleaders and composers Ask Kjærgaard and Jens Munch ACID PLUTONIUM has grown to become the prove that avantgarde music can indeed be very entertaining. Known for their humoristic and action-packed shows they are always a guarantee for a good party.
The band hovers in an atmosphere of biological and synthetic symbiosis where nothing is sacred and everything will be explored and used in the advance of the musical universe that the band produces.
Coworks with other art forms is a nearly necessity for the band that has worked with visuals, dancers and theatrical elements in their shows. As can also be seen in the artwork of their LP's.
Band Members:
Jens Munch - Juno 106 + many keyboards
Ask Kjærgaard - Tenor and baritone guitar
Jacob Danielsen - Alto and tenor saxophone + clarinet
Jonas Fritsch - Bass guitar
Magnus Jochumsen - Percussion and chaos pad
Søren Mehlsen - Drums
Everybody sings.